Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hoge Venen Belgium

Pacenti TL 28

Light and wide rims are not longer an exception, Pacenti released they're TL28 series. These tubeless ready rims are available in 26, 650 and 29". The rims have eyelets, the are drilled eccentrically to obtain a higher spoke tension. This combined with a 28mm wide and 300gr heavy rim makes every biker drool !

Some more about the legend Kirk Pacenti:
Kirk Pacenti is a lifelong cyclist and twenty year veteran of the bicycle industry. As a Frame builder and Bicycle Designer Kirk has had the great pleasure of working with & for some of the most respected names in the bicycle industry — names like Keith Bontrager, Giro, Tim Isaac, Tom Kellogg, Doug Bradbury and ABG (Litespeed, Merlin, Quintan a Roo and Tomac).

Today Kirk focuses all of his energy on growing and expanding his line of products and services to frame builders. was founded for the sole purpose of supporting, supplying and offering design services to artisans building quality hand-crafted bicycle frames. From the start has a particular dedication to lugged steel frame construction. However, as grows it will expand its offerings to include every frame building material available.

Enough about his life story, hereby the technical details:

* Size: 26; 27,5 also 29”
* Width 28mm
* Width bed: 23mm
* Section Height: 18mm
* ERD: 542mm
* Weight: 380 - 395g
* welded
* Disc only
* 32 hole

* Color: Black

Why you need to buy Pacenti ? The wide rims, this in combination with 2,2 or 2,4 tires... really nice during the trail riding. As you can see on the picture there is a big difference between a B.O.R, Mavic, ZTR rim and a Pacenti rim.
When you mount the tire you see that you have more tire by using a Pacenti rim. This gives you more stability and more grip.

- weight
- with of the rim
- Eyelets, give you a higher spoke tension
- Tubeless ready
- Strong and stiff
- Exclusivity
- Welding of the rim

- Sober decals
- availability in the Benelux.