Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tune Kong

One of my hubs is a Tune kong, not the best, but the lightest.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

C'dale F900sl

Such a nice bike, lightweight, stiff, but I've sold him. Not my best choice ever made...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nicolai Helius RC

This is my marathon bike:

Frame: Nicolai Helius RC
Shox: Push rp23
Fork: Lefty Carbon speed opi
Headset: Tune
Adapter lefty: Project 321
Crank: XTR
Bottom bracket: XTR
Derri’s: XTR
Shifters: XTR
Brakes: XTR
Discs: Ashima
Cassette: XTR
Chain: KMC 9sl
Pedals: Exustar PM25Ti
Stem: Syntace f99
Bar: Easton EC90 monkey
Grips: ESI
Seatpost: Easton EC90 with KCNC yokes
Saddle: Saevid custom
Seatclamp: Hope
Hub F: C’dale
Hub R: Tune Kong
Spokes: Revo
Rim’s: FRM Bor 333
Tyres: Nokian

Eurobike 2010

Here some pics of the finest racebikes @ eurobike

Stein (tt)

Over de toertocht van Stein ben ik snel uitgepraat.
Veel te veel afsfalt, daar waar er bos is liggen bomen op het pad, enja afstappen is iets wat ik niet graag doe. Daar kwam vervolgens nog eens regen bij waardoor we sneller bij de auto stonden dan gepland.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nicolai Helius RC white

A Nicolai Helius RC frame, white paint and red decals.

One of the finest fully frames ever made !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Experimental prototype

For the moment, I'm riding a 10-speed combo on my Scalpel, Sunrace Driven MX on the back, a double on the front. I Was looking for a not to expensive but light and stiff crank. These days Shimano XTR960 cranks are pretty affordable. The only problem is that they are triple cranks and the aftermarket chain rings are hard to find. Luckily I came across Experimental Prototype.
A one man shop in Sweden owned by  Mattias Hellore. He makes chain rings just like you want them. So I ordered a 26 and 38T in aluminum for my crank.
He also does titanium but because I was not sure yet if riding double is really something for so first I"ll test these. The Crank needed some tuning to become a double, you can see this on the picture. Afterwards I gave it a paintjob. Hope you like it...

Twister Supersonic

The best tyre even ridden ?
There's no doubt, it's a continental Twister Supersonic.

a weight of 365 gram

The Twister mounted with some sealant, not to much pressure, than you have the perfect tyre for marathons and competition. Extreme fast, good on rocks, not bad on tree roots, enough grip in the downhill and a light weight, what do you want more ?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eupen (tt)

Zondag, de dag van de toertochten.

Vandaag zijn we het Duitstalig gedeelte van belgie binnengereden, richting Eupen.
40 km met een 750hm, niet extreem veel klimmen, paar mooie singletracks. En vooral enkele prachtige afdalingen met hier en daar de nodige modderstrook.

Conclusie: Op naar volgend jaar, maar dan hopelijk met meer tijd zodat we de 60 kunnen doen.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Turner Flux krijgt een Lefty

"Ik wil ook een Lefty in mijn Turner zetten" , dit kreeg ik te horen van een fietsmakker.
Simpel om te realiseren ? Eingelijk wel !
Wat heb je nodig, een Lefty, een adapter voor 1 1/8e balhoofd en enkele spacers.

Easton Crankset

Oh god what do I like this crank !

Looks good, is light, stiff, nice oversized crankarms and extreme stiff, or did I already mention that ?

And they dont produce them any more.... happy to have one !

Friday, September 17, 2010


My lightweight carbon saddle:

Saevid custom 82grams

Used it the last half year, salzkammergut trophy, oeterdal marathon, limburgs mooiste, ... and damn, that's one hell of a saddle ! Worth every euro

Project Redskap

As thesis I made a study about damping cartridges for Tenneco (Marzocchi). To make those parts, they use a lot of steam and steam treatment. Then I had a crazy idea, why don't I try it on a chain and a cassette ?

As you can see, now it's blue with golden pins

here you see all colors

But the main question: Is this better ?

NO, it's not because it's not lighter and the durability is the same. It just looks nice !

Chris King hubs

I've used these hubs for a year, spoked into Mavic 717 rims with DT Revo's. Strong wheels with a great sound and a weight of 1568 grams.

When you reach this high price point in component parts, there is a certain level of quality that is expected of the manufacturer. This is one area that Chris King do not disappoint. They use the finest materials with very stringent quality control measures to insure that every hub that goes out the door is one of their best. Choosing one hub or the other at this level is almost impossible.
  • King has different color options.
  • Given the right wheel builder, a Chris King wheelset can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.
  • Chris King has the long track history of durable components over an extended period of abuse.
  • Chris King’s haven’t changed in years.
  • 72 points of contact
  • Easy to re-grease
  • Expensive ? Not if you see the lifetime
The only negative thing is it's weight, you just can't make a lightweight wheelset with this hubs.

24 hours of Zolder

2010 Edition:

The first 24h for team Bovema
Finished 76th

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lefty Hub problem

Some users of the belgium mountainbike forum have problems with there lefty hub.
But nobody knows for sure, is it the OPI spindle or is it the hub (bearing)

So let's check it out...

Opi spindel 25,00mm
Bearing Cannondale (inside) 25,10 mm
Bearing from ebay (5$) 25,10 mm
Bearing SKF 24,95 mm

So why do you have an axial problem with you lefty wheel ?

You can see the SKF bearing is smaller than the other bearing, and this is necessary because you need a press fit !